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Showbuzz Cast

Here at Showbuzz we are always looking to expand and improve our team.  If you think you have what it takes to become part of the Showbuzz Team then you are on the right page. Showbuzz Casting is our training camp that will take good Singers and Dancers and make them the best by pushing your boundaries to the limits. The Entertainment Industry is an amazing place to make a great living with the right guidance and team behind you if you are prepared to work hard.

"Work Rules!" that the key to a successful workplace is constantly innovating, experimenting, and keeping things fun whilst keeping focused about what your goals are. With this purpose built complex we have everything under one roof from Dance Studios Recording Studios to Filming Promo Studios. Sound and Lighting is all produced at the complex for all the shows and are pushed to the technical limit to bring something spectacular for all our clients.

What's beautiful about this approach is that a great environment is a self-reinforcing one: All of these efforts support one another, and together create an organisation that is creative, fun, hardworking, and highly productive. You Still here then apply using the form below now.

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