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Let Us Create The Ultimate Evening For Your Next Event

Sound and Light

At Showbuzz Productions our technical team have designed packages for Theatre Companies, Dance Companies, School Shows and Corporate Awards Nights. After touring throughout the world with some of the best effects in sound and light production, we are now bringing that experience experience to help others achieve ideas even beyond what they are thinking. You show is all about visualization and how good everything looks and thats where we come in. You simply give us your sound and light ideas and we will bring them to life.

Adding Big Screen Visuals to your sound and light is the icing on the cake as it then open a world of creativity where ideas are endless. Create actual videos to play on a big screen behind you or put your own background designs up to create a show that will leave your audience spellbound.

The Corporate World is very competitive and we know how important for your event to be better than others. We have a creative team that can sit and design the look of your event and the running of a flawless night.

We also have a range of 12 channel mic systems that allow 12 people to talk and sing on stage at the same time, with their sleek flesh coloured look making it feel and look fantastic along with its high quality makes them a must to have for any theatrical show........


Click the tabs below to check out our services for all that is Sound and Light 


Stage Lighting when done properly can turn an average show into a spectacular show with bright colours bursting onto stage with moving heads creating shapes throughout the stage and the venue

bringing your audience into the show. Our Creative team are on hand to take your ideas and make them happen to

compliment whats happening on stage. We have an extensive range of lighting to suit all events from Dance Shows To Full Theatre Productions and to Awards Nights. 

Whatever your needs are at Showbuzz Productions we will take that worry away from you letting you concentrate on

what you do best.....

Big Screen Visuals

Are you fed up with the same old star cloth sitting at the back of the stage doing the same old thing throughout your show. Well now you don't have to worry about that as at Showbuzz Productions we wprok with our Sister Company Splash Productions and we have designed a world of creative visuals that you can have to enhance your show from videos of rehearsals, funny moments you have captured to full scene background designs for theatre shows. The possibilities are endless with this system which is great for theatre shows, dance

schools, Schools Displays and Award Nights. As the years

go on competition is getting harder and  staying ahead of

your competitors is a must to keep your business at the

top with the latest in technology and fresh in creativity...


With our new stretchy screens we can create modern

funky shapes to the screens for innovative ideas for awards

nights etc making your set up look professional and fresh.

You can opt for 1 big screen at the back of your stage to

create effects as you perform or you can go with the

award type idea with 1 screen at either side of the stage

to give live camera feeds or playback of past events or even

to produce amazing presentations on big screen level.

Whatever your needs before you go anywhere you should give us a call and let us help you turn your show/events info the spectacular vision that you have without the high costs that some expect.

Call our team today and get a free no obligation quote form one of our creative experts and get yourself ahead of the game





Get a video Intro Designed for the big screen and open your show with a touch of class and leave your audience amazed and parents happy as their kids become the stars of the big screen before they hit the stage.

Here is an example of DSD Street School's Bond Project. We filmed the kids against a green screen and then designed the intro to play on the big screen before they hit the stage.

Show Video Intros
Head/Tie Mics

Radio Head Mics are now a massive part of theatre, most production shows, After dinner speakers and Award Nights. Showbuzz have a 12 channel system that is superb in quality and look. They are flesh coloured mics to sit around the ears comfortably and the mic sits at the side of the mouth and after a few minutes wearing it you

forget its there.

These mics are light weight and sound fantastic and allow

12 people talking or sing on stage at one time.

Our Sound Specialists will work closely with your Director or

event organiser to get mic cues perfect every time.

Show DVD's

There are many great things to come out of making a video of your show or Event. You and your performers get to see the things that worked and didn't work, You get the opportunity to catalogue your shows and events and possible make money to put back into the production of your next show or event.. 
At Showbuzz Productions we can supply up to 3 camera set

up giving you a professional documentary style look to your

event with nice sweeps from scene to scene that once

again puts you ahead the market.

We will also do Cover Design for your DVD boxes to give

that professional finish to your product. Ask about our 100

to 500 Package Deals.

This video to the right shows a trailer to get your audience

members excited about the DVD coming out. This can be

made for Facebook to get excitement growing amongst

members etc before they buy the finished DVD.


PACKAGES START FROM ONLY: £499.00 for 100 copies.

Selling Your DVD'S For the standard £10 per DVD means you

can make £1000 back on the selling of your DVD's meaning a 

profit of £501.00 :) not a bad earning for nothing really (we do all the work)....

Call Us free today about filming your next event. 01418894775

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